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Cost Consulting

Examine is committed to providing construction risk advice to financial institutions and lenders. We provide informed services in mortgage monitoring and loan management with a goal to ease client control and allow for business decisions to be taken with confidence. Modern construction projects face many challenges and require the need for an efficient and effective management team. By identifying and addressing potential risks early, Examine's cost consulting services are essential tools to help you achieve project success. We provide our clients with a proactive and innovative approach to the management of costs at each stage of the development life cycle.


As a mortgage monitor, our goal is to ensure that:

  • The budget reflects the scope and complexity of works
  • The project stays on course with the schedule
  • The loan agreement is being met
  • Waivers to suppliers/subcontractors are met on time
  • Construction complies with project drawings and specifications.

An overview of our offerings include:

  • Mortgage Monitoring and Loan Management
  • Initial Project Review – Preliminary Report
  • Monthly Project Draw Reports
  • Cost Planning and Full-Life Costing
  • Early Risk Prediction and Mitigation
  • Contractual and Procurement Advice
  • Post-Contract Cost Monitoring and Management
  • Assessment of Proposals and Cost Estimates
  • Understanding of Clients’ Business Drivers


In order to maximize the probability of success on a project, Examine adopts a very concise and objective approach to cost consulting:

  • Analyze contractual documents
  • Review all project documents: schedules, budgets, drawings, permits, reports, correspondence, etc.
  • Validate all supporting documents
  • Perform a complete cost analysis
  • Ensure availability of funds until project closeout
  • Identify risks and develop mitigation plans
  • Issue preliminary report covering initial project review
  • Issue monthly draw reports covering progress billings
  • Issue final report at project closeout

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