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A career worthy of your greatest ambitions

If your intentions are to build a strong, promising future, ours are to provide you with an exceptional environment to achieve them.

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Welcome to our world

Putting innovation front and center

At Examine, we pride ourselves in being the Canadian benchmark in the construction litigation field. How? By focusing mainly on innovation and always striving to find inventive and cutting-edge conflict resolution methods. We aim to create strong, lasting relationships with our customers by becoming a competent and reliable partner. Among other reasons, this allows us to constantly stay one step ahead of the competition.

Personal lifestyle balance, strength in numbers

For us, balance is essential. That’s why we value our employees’ personal and professional goals. We’re proud to say ours is a tightly-knit team made up of multi-talented experts who are always ready to work together to provide top-notch service. The team is fully committed to applying professionalism, rigour and integrity to every project.

Meet the team members
that constitute our strength.

Mariangélica Quintero

My family inspires me; they’re the reason I do my best every day.

Celina Ma, P.ENG., MEM, C.MED, C.ARB

Life is filled with various challenges and experiences. Having these experiences and thinking about having more of them is what keeps me inspired. I want to live my dreams and goals to the fullest and accomplish them for myself. That’s how I stay inspired, energetic, determined and motivated to continue.

Zaher Hmayed, P.ENG., MBA

My inspiration resides in the human willingness for evolution, change, and exploration of the universe, as well as the tireless attempt to surpass established limits. That is what makes us true entrepreneurs: pursuing the relentless journey of improvement.

Francis Sirard, P.ENG., MBA

What inspires me most in both my personal life and professional career is taking up challenges and completing many projects. I’ve always preferred to build something over the long term. In fact, I consider it much more satisfying than accumulating a series of small successes.

Jason Kramar, P.ENG.

I’m inspired by my family and friends as they continue to pursue and achieve their goals.

Ali Nehme, P. ENG., M.ENG.

My source of inspiration is derived from the persistence of achieving milestones despite the failing attempts one may encounter along the way. I strive for motivation in every opportunity regardless of the potential risks, and I willingly endeavor to share my learning experience in every journey.

Malek Soubra, JR. ENG., M.ENG.

My family is my main motivation; they always believed in me and supported me, no matter the situations I’m facing. Their proud smile encourages me to work harder to push my limits. I am fascinated by sports and by competition. It makes me understand that in life there are ups and downs and, to overcome the hard times I have to analyze the situation in a critical way and make necessary adjustments in order to succeed.

Putting your personal success at the service of our collective success

Examine promotes autonomy and accountability, which are at their peak when each stakeholder commits fully to the collective goals and actively contributes to reaching them. We value initiative and encourage each employee to fearlessly suggest new measures, new ideas and new ways of doing things. Not only does the company benefit, but the innovations developed testify to the fact that everyone can contribute to the overall improvement of the organization. At Examine, employees never hesitate to be proactive, take ownership of their role and be willing to take responsibility for the results. And that’s how we constantly reach new heights together.

Perfect jobs,
perfect candidates

Examine is a growing company that’s always seeking to expand. Our team is already strong, but we’re always on the lookout for new infusions of creative talent from dynamic engineering and construction professionals who share our vision and sense of purpose. Check out our list of job vacancies to see whether you’re the rare jewel we’re looking for!

Available positions

The benefits of working at Examine

Do you dream of having an exciting job in a stimulating environment? Don’t look any further! By becoming a member of our team, you’ll not only meet your professional goals, but you’ll also enjoy many employee benefits, including:

Competitive salary

Are you worth your weight in gold? We don’t doubt it for a minute, which is why we offer salaries that make the competition pale in comparison.

Life, medical, dental and vision insurance

Working for us is good for your health. Our medical, dental and vision insurance coverage helps you stay healthy and perform at your best. And, thanks to our life insurance, you can set your mind at rest.

Subsidized cellphone package

Today, a mobile phone is essential for every professional; that's why we offer a package that’s adapted to your needs.

Work-life balance

Do you work to live or live to work? You won’t need to even ask the question any longer since we promote a healthy work/life balance.

Wellness grants

To be at your most productive, you need to be in top physical, mental and spiritual shape. That's why we support our employees’ healthy activities through a wellness grant program.

Unlimited David’s Tea and Nespresso coffee (yes, really!)

At Examine, there’s no need to wait for a coffee or tea break. Treat yourself to this refined pleasure any time of day on us.

A foosball table and video game consoles

Are you competitive or a team player? Or maybe you’re a bit of both! We’ll soon find out because, at Examine, team building is done on a daily basis.

Paid professional dues and training fees

When you work for us, it’s never been as affordable to be a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec or to remain up-to-date in your field! We pay all such fees to ensure your continuous professional advancement.

We’re preparing the next generation and taking our inspiration from them!

Examine welcomes students and university interns to its offices on a regular basis. Although they’re only temporarily part of our family, they constitute a dynamic and fruitful succession that keeps the fires of our passion for our profession burning and inspires us greatly. Here are testimonials from some young professionals we were lucky enough to work with.

Examine makes it a point to create an engaging and stimulating work environment. Transparency, honesty and fairness toward employees are values Examine demonstrated throughout the course of my internship.
Diala Khraibani
Working at Examine while completing my degree has helped me build a foundation for my future career. The teamwork and collaboration between employees has helped me gain confidence in my work and develop my skill set. The most rewarding aspect of working at Examine is the ability to continually learn and grow in such a positive and motivating environment.
Nathalie Todi
Not only is the working environment extremely favorable at Examine Consultants, engineering students acquire great insight on export reports. Working for this organization will undoubtedly expose you to numerous aspects of the construction industry and give you a leading edge in your learning career.
Nicholas Coles-Gamache
As a student and part-time employee at Examine, what I enjoy most about working here is that it’s an excellent learning environment. The broad range of projects has given me the opportunity to develop and exercise a variety of skills. In addition, the diverse backgrounds of my coworkers provide me with a wealth of knowledge to learn from and help guide me through any new challenges.
Shawn Marchand
My experience at Examine has been an enriching on the intellectual side as well as the social side. I have had the opportunity to work with a professional team in a pleasant atmosphere. This experience has allowed me to have a better perspective of the working world and has launched my future career as a civil engineer.
Fadwa Fahim
Working at Examine, I got to work with some of the best minds of Claims and Delay Analysis in Montreal and Toronto. The people at Examine are almost like family here! The exposure and experiences I gained working in such a friendly and welcoming environment built me a wonderful set of skills that are transferable anywhere.
Chris Yung
My internship at Examine made me more aware of the best practices to implement throughout the realization of a project. I was able to perfect my knowledge of the legal field of construction and learn some fundamental lessons from it, which will allow me to be well equipped for my career.
François Thibodeau

Become part of the family

Are you starting to get a clearer picture? Now that you have a better idea of us as a company, we’d like to get to know you too. Get in touch with us, and let us know about your knowledge and skills. Who knows, maybe you’ll become the next member of our extended family!

Join our team!